About Us

 The objects of the Trust are to:- 

  1. Establish as institute for promotion of arts and literature in Pakistan.
  2. Promote and project the life and works of Faraz and protect his works.
  3. Provide reference, research and resource on the life and work of Faraz, for systematic study and scholarship.
  4. Create a scholarship fund or funds, to assist suitable persons in furthering academic and other suitable formal studies, and for the establishment and support of proper research programs.
  5. Undertake research and publication of literature on issues relating to politics, education, governance, and society, and do any other thing necessary for promotion of better understanding among people in Pakistan.
  6. Foster open debate on socio-political and cultural issues concerning citizens of Pakistan.
  7. Network with universities, academic institution, the media, and citizen’s groups within and outside Pakistan, on issues of literary and other concerns.
  8. Do, and conduct, all such acts and things that would advance, promote or further the objectives and /or specific purposes of the Trust.

The List of Trustees

The founders have appointed a Board of Trustees, consisting of the following persons:-

1.    Mr. Shibli Faraz                 Founder

2.    Mr. Saadi Faraz                Founder

3.    Mr. Masood Kausar

4.    Mr. Aitezaz Ahsan

5.    Mr. Hameed Akhund

6.    Ms. Rashida Dohad

7.    Mr. Yousaf Jamal

8.    Ms. Samina James

9.    Mr. Mansoor Javed

10.  Mr. Ali Asghar Khan

11.  Mr. Masood Mufti

12.  Mr. Agha Nasir

13.  Mr. Ata-ul-Qasmi

14.  Mr. Shoaib Sultan

15.  Mr. Mehboob Zafar


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